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Next up in BDL’s 2014-15 Season Previews: The Central Division, headlined by a pair of returning superstars and a defending champ left to pick up the pieces after a devastating injury.

  • Chicago Bulls: “With one longtime nemesis on the downturn and another on the rise, can a more potent Bulls team vault back into the NBA’s elite? Or will this year’s bid for a return to glory fall short, too?”
  • Cleveland Cavaliers: “With Paul George out and Derrick Rose not yet proven as a star after another knee surgery, LeBron and Co. look like the clear favorite to represent the East in the finals.”
  • Detroit Pistons: “These Pistons have a long road ahead of them, and it’s going to take Stan Van Gundy quite a while to find his footing on Joe Dumars’ stretch of salted soil.”
  • Indiana Pacers: “Without their star, their wild card and any hope of a ring, can the Pacers find themselves?”
  • Milwaukee Bucks: “Now, they’re peddling a pair of teenagers as the faces of their franchise, a rebranding that encourages Milwaukeeans to remove their beer goggles and admire an attractive roster, even as they go home without a date to the postseason dance for the second straight season.”
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